About the Artist


Angie is an air traffic controller who enjoys manga and anime. I originally started Succubus Justice with the idea that drawing on a regular basis would help me to grow as an artist while also satisfying an old childhood desire to become a cartoonist.


What is up with your long, long hiatus?
When I started training to be an air traffic controller, the challenging training and rotating shifts taxed my mind and sapped my energy. Granted, I used to be able to juggle alot more when I was younger, but I was more durable back then. Thus, in order to focus my time on studying and training, I pretty much had to stop the comic because it was the biggest time-eater in my schedule.

What happened to Succubus-Justice.com?
My old registrar, Domain People, decided to hold it hostage when I transferred to a new host/registrar. I attempted (and failed) to transfer the domain to my new host--and Domain People made me pay a chunk to register it long enough to transfer it..or so I thought. A year later, I found myself in the same boat because they somehow retained it and claimed that I did not make it clear that I was trying to transfer it (like hell!)--and wanted me to pay a larger chunk of money for it. Seeing that I was practically being scammed, I abandoned the domain name. Since then, I have occasionally checked on the domain--only to find that Domain People is still clutching it long after its continued (and repeated) expiration dates. They have been squatting on it for a couple years now--probably hoping that I may buy it back from them.

Contact Me


I haven't set up the e-mail yet...but one day I will!