Current Sugar-Free Comic


Strip dated 25 Mar 2014.

Ouch. Last comic from mid 2012? I really suck!
Regardless, I still have SJ on the mind...I just have no decent excuse for not getting the ball rolling. Heck, as I went to make this update, I have all but forgotten how to even use my web editing program. Of course, I am going to have to do something about this anyways, as I am updating to windows 7 and my old Dreamweaver cannot function in it (or so I read). I suppose we will see, but hopefully the next update will be a bit quicker than this one. X-D

Current WebComic Page

Page dated 21 July 2008.

All of the comic pages have been uploaded!
You have no idea how painful it was for me to go through all of those old pages. I want to fix them, redraw them, or any other number of things to try and make them look better. (of course, that is a slippery slope--since I would spend more time fixing them when I should be devoting that time to newer comics)

News and Ranting


21 May 2013: I was surprised to see that February went by without any of the seemingly-annual renewal drama. I'm still alive, but my usual excuse is still in place. I suck at getting as much art done as I want to. Darn real life and all of its obligations! I am going to try harder to get things going--it is frustrating me more than it frustrates y' me.

On the other hand...look! I added art!

26 Feb 2012: Well, JustHost finally got things back up. (Long story short, the domain expired, I had to ask about what happened in the first place, I had to ask for the invoice/bill, then I waited days and had to ask them to get the damned site back online) However, now the webcomic pages are all back online--but I still have to get the other parts of the site built. I will probably devote the rest of my Sunday to getting 'er done.

16 Feb 2012 @12:45pm: I have uploaded some comics and sections. I still can't get the ads to work, but I got booted for not having enough content. So I am just going to bite the bullet, re-upload a chunk, then go back through all of the pages to work the ads. I will work on uploading more pages later--I have some errands to run (I took the day off work).